The environment around the Lac du Castor is ideal for many types of outdoor sports activities. Here is an abridged list of activities accessible near the lakeside and in the property’s general area. Just reading it stirs a singular wish: to be outside! Some activities, like sitting and watching the sunrise, don’t even need a specific nomenclature! For the gourmet who enjoys getting his or her hands dirty, the owner has planted a vast vegetable garden with fruit trees at some fifteen meters from the house. For others, there is skiing, snow-shoeing (hundreds of kilometres from the Villa’s front door), big- and small-game hunting, horseback riding and guided tours, wildlife watching, ice skating, sport fishing in summer and ice fishing in the winter, hiking, dogsledding, mountain biking, sailing, and canoeing. And in the winter, snowmobilers have hundreds of kilometres of marked trails to choose from.

Many parks with hundreds of lakes and rivers surround the property, including La Mauricie National Park (536 km2), which is 20 minutes away, and Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice (775 km2). Hunters and fishermen will appreciate the many outfitters that draw people from across North America and Europe.

The area around the lake is ideal for walks through the forest. Canoeing and boating activities can be enjoyed some 10 metres from the house and there are paths around the lake and along the river on the estate at one hundred metres from the Villa. There is also a path that leads to the islands at the centre of the lake. On longer walks, it is possible to take one of the many trails through the forest in the area.

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