The Mauricie region has a continental, cold temperate climate. Mean annual temperatures vary between –13oC in January and 20ºC in July. The temperature variations between the winter and summer are quite significant.

Total annual precipitations decrease from the southern to the northern ends of the basin: from 1 057 mm to 922 mm annually.

On the banks of the St-Maurice River, agricultural land occupies a small area and a coniferous and deciduous forest dominated by sugar maple as well as various tree species such as beech, basswood, American white ash, and walnut cover the territory. These species can all be found on the property, along with white cedar, pine, sweet gale, hemlock, fir, black spruce, and yellow birch.

Sitting at approximately 228 metres above sea level, the Lac du Castor is a fairly elevated headwater lake. It is fed by underground sources, rainwater, and surface runoff from the spring thaw.

The lake is oval-shaped and surrounded by fairly high hills, some with bedrock bluffs. An island with enormous conifers occupies much of the area at one end of the lake. Connecting it to the shore is a small bridge built from trees fallen in the wind or from age.

The drainage is good and the topography is steep to the northwest with a gentler slope to the southeast.

Because it is a headwater lake, the water quality in the Lac du Castor is exceptional and fish abound despite the recent arrival of ducks, loons, and herons, which inevitably bring about a decrease in the fish population. Among the species of fish in the lake is the brook trout.

Many animals live around the lake, including eastern chipmunks, squirrels, hares, racoons, porcupines, moose, deer, and red foxes, as well as coyotes, black bears, and wolverines. The estate is also a paradise for birdwatchers.

Kilometres of forest surround the lake – rare Canadian pristine wilderness. The air is pure and the absence of artificial light makes the area perfect for stargazing. On certain occasions, magnificent northern lights can be seen.

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