The Villa du Lac du Castor is situated in Canada at the limit of the Haute-Mauricie region in the province of Québec, on Lac du Castor, the lake from which the home takes its name.

The Villa is built on a private property of over 87 acres with a private lake, at the centre of a coniferous and deciduous forest. Creeks and a small river flow through the estate.

One hour and forty-five minutes from Montréal, one hour and fifteen minutes from the City of Québec, and thirty minutes from Trois-Rivières, the Villa is, for the most part, accessible from a four-lane freeway. Only the last 15 minutes of the drive are on a provincial road. The sister cities of Shawinigan and Grand-Mère are 20 minutes from the property.

The Villa is also accessible from Trois-Rivières Regional Airport, which is a 30-minute drive from the lake. The airport offers complete services for all types of aircrafts, including jets airplanes. The Villa is a 15-minute drive from the local airport in Lac-à-la-Tortue, which includes two asphalted landing strips and launches for seaplanes.

Arriving on the vast private grounds of the Villa du Lac du Castor is a transition into what the proprietor qualifies as a “the world of the forest” – an environment that is, above all, calm. Almost three kilometres of road separate the public highway and the lake. The road itself is a pleasant shift into this “world of the forest” that transforms one’s very mindset. Sheltered from onlookers by two barriers, the estate is dominated by the forces of nature: following the major glaciations, generations of beavers worked to widen the lake. The Villa is truly in the wilderness – the untamed territory of the beaver but also of the bear, wolverine, fox, moose, loon, and duck.

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